Breast Screening

Ontario Breast Screening Program (OBSP)

CIBC Breast Assessment Centre
To book your OBSP mammogram please call: 905-389-0101

Regular breast screening is important because it can find cancer early, when it may be smaller, less likely to have spread and easier to treat. The CIBC Breast Assessment Centre provides screening to women through the OBSP program (self-referral) and through a referral from a health care provider.

The Ontario Breast Screening Program (OBSP) provides free, high-quality breast screening to:

  • Women aged 50 to 74 with no signs of breast cancer, every 2 years
  • Women aged 30 to 69 who are identified as being at high risk for breast cancer, every year. Find more information here.
  • Transgender people who may be eligible based on their medical history. Call us for more information.

A health care provider referral is required for:

  • Women under age 50 or over age 74. Breast screening may be requested because of risk factors including a family history of breast cancer.
  • People who have had a breast cancer diagnosis in the past.

How will I get my results?

A letter will be sent to your health care provider/family doctor with the results of your breast screening. If you are part of the OBSP, you will also receive a letter in the mail. If you have not received the results of your breast screening, please contact your health care provider’s office.

If the radiologist recommends follow-up tests from your breast screening, the CIBC Breast Assessment Centre will contact you directly. For more information on breast assessment click here.