Surgical Consultation

All patients who have had a breast biopsy at the CIBC Breast Assessment Centre are reviewed by the Centre’s multidisciplinary team and a recommendation for follow-up is made. A surgical consultation may be recommended for patients with:

  • A new diagnosis of breast cancer
  • A new diagnosis of abnormal cells in the breast that are not cancer, but should be removed to prevent a cancer from developing (ie. atypical hyperplasia).
  • A new diagnosis of a benign (not cancerous) tumour.

The healthcare provider that referred you to the Centre will share this information with you. We will ensure that you will see the next available surgeon as soon as possible.

Patients who are at high risk to develop breast cancer may also request a referral to a surgeon at the Breast Assessment Centre to discuss prophylactic mastectomy (preventative surgical removal of the breast tissue to lower risk).

Some patients will need a procedure called a localization before surgery. This might be recommended by your surgeon if the area of concern is too small to feel and the surgeon will need a guide to show its location. This procedure is done at the CIBC Breast Assessment Centre.